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Quicksilver Coin – Decentralized Uber Service for Cab Companies – Crypto News 24/7 – Bitcoin News

Quicksilver Coin – Decentralized Uber Service for Cab Companies – Crypto News 24/7 – Bitcoin News Finally we are up to see something new in cryptocurrencies & blockchains world . Its about QuickSilver Coin which they are looking for new ways to use the blockchain technology , this time is about the process of acquiring and paying for a cab making it decentralized .An Uber alike service that it will be decentralized with no hidden fee’s which will translate into lower prices for customers and a better bottom line for drivers.
It will be a matchmaking system for customers & drivers with an elaborated rating and reputation system in order to build a trusted and secure network of drivers and customers.In their system will be also implemented other Cab hailing apps such as Sidecar, Lyft, Uber and Postmates.
Allowing trusted drivers to carry their portfolio forward into the network. Cashless transactions will be introduced as both drivers and customers will receive private key coupled accounts making the process fast for both parties.
Following a pricing scheme similar to taximeter, price rates are determined in QSLV/min or QSLV/km. The ability to split fare prices has also been created as users are able invite friends to opt in to split costs that means QuickSilver Coin will be an an unique & cashless system for drivers , cabs & riders .Quicksilver invites not only private cab drivers but also extends its hand to car fleet owners in order to create its free & open market. Offering the flexibility to customers to choose between well-established standards at premium rates or private drivers within budget with excellent trust rating.
The free market aims to deliver competitive prices with peace of mind for its customers as drivers should to aim to build and maintain trust ratings to attract clients.
QSLV is a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency . POS is the fastest and most power efficient for users to generate new blocks on the network by just keeping the wallet also the annual POS isВ 6% and its generated once at 4 hours and their total supply isВ 3.444.440 Millions QSLVВ.

Users only need to purchase coins on a cryptocurrency exchange like Bittrex and transfer them to their personal wallet. В Additionally, they are aiming to implement a simple and in-app gateway for the users of the coin to obtain and sell QSLV.Quick Silver Links :Blockchain : Twitter : : : Bittrex , C-CEX , AltBuddy